Moriah Group

The Moriah Group

The Moriah Group is a strategic communications and public affairs firm founded in January 1994. After 14 years, our clients continue to affirm we get results that make a difference.

Our approach is simple. We listen, think and analyze, listen some more, make informed recommendations and then execute the work with determination. Our experience has proven the right messages, clearly and consistently communicated to our client’s stakeholders, get results.

The Moriah Group works with a broad range of local and national clients. Today, our client roster includes more than 15 active engagements.

The painting that has been incorporated throughout this web site was commissioned by The Moriah Group in 2004 and the 4' x 8' original now hangs in our conference room. The Moriah Group commissioned renowned painter Brent Sanders to create the 4' x 8' "Vibrancy". Visit his web site at

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